Duet: Partners in Health & Aging

I am a new member of a group in Phoenix called CADA – CenPho (Central Phoenix) Advocates for Dementia Awareness, which was founded by two awesome ladies, Suzette Armijo and Kathy Ritchie, whom I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know on this journey.

Each month, the group gathers…sometimes to hear from knowledgeable speakers, sometimes just to socialize with people who understand. This week we had the pleasure of having Ann Wheat as one of our guest speakers and I wanted to share what she does and how her services can help you, superheroes!


Ann Wheat is the director of caregiver services at Duet Partners in Health & Aging. Ann, like many of us who choose to pursue a path related to supporting caregivers and loved ones with dementia, has a personal experience with dementia with her older sister and is someone who can understand how you feel right now.

Duet helps you find a place in this new role, giving you access to a community of caregivers and resources you need. The organization offers more than 10 support groups, two online networking groups (so if you’re not in Phoenix, you can still be supported!), personalized information and guidance, and training, workshops and retreats. Explore the website and get started!

If you just don’t know where to start, call Ann. Regardless of where you are, she can listen and help you find where you need to go next. 602.274.5022

You’ll find that once you start the conversation with the right people, more resources and support than you ever expected will reveal themselves.


Live in Phoenix and feel like you’re ready to get involved in advocacy? Check out CADA and join us at our next meeting!

Have a peaceful weekend, superheroes!