Helpful Tips

Google-searching making you tired? Let me help! Here are some things that I have learned that made a difference for me at various points in this journey.


A few tips for spending time with your loved one with dementia over the holidays

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  • Having a conversation with your loved one with dementia about a care plan as soon as possible. This is one of those conversations that you do not want to have and that will be really hard (it may even take a few tries), but will be worth it as the condition and symptoms progress over the life of the disease.

Read this TIME article for some additional perspective.

Here is an example of a program in the Desert Southwest that is designed to help navigate this. Notify the Alzheimer’s Association in your area to find out about your options

  • Having a conversation with your close family and friends about your loved one’s diagnosis and how they can be helpful and supportive as you navigate this world.
  • Getting power of attorney as soon as possible to avoid missed bills, potential fraud or theft, and myriad other things related to cash money and/or medical decisions.

Wondering what power of attorney means? There’s financial and there’s medical, and you should understand both. Ideally you’ve started talking about this with your loved one as soon as a diagnosis has been made. Read this to get started, then find a trusted, recommended legal support in your area.