A Mindful New Year

Feeling overwhelmed is normal; but don’t let that keep you down. Getting to a place of control (even if it is just perceived) and feeling a sense of calm CAN happen for you if you work on it.

As we kick off a brand new day in a brand new year, take this time to evaluate how you feel.

What are you proud of in 2015 (getting that appointment with a great doctor, learning a new trick to get your LOWD into the shower, finding 20 minutes for yourself each day)?

What are you grateful for (those moments when your LOWD looks at you and shows love, your dogs, your kind neighbor who brings in your mail)?

What do you want to learn this year (how to balance medications correctly, how to fit in exercise)?

And what will you do for YOU?

Consider what is important to you in these next 365 days. You are a superhero taking care of someone who truly needs you, but you are also a person; you are also still YOU.

happy new year!

My challenge to you, as millions write down their New Year’s Resolutions, is simply to think of three things that would bring you joy this year. Big or small. Write them down. And then tell someone in your life. Tell that person who can help you reach that particular goal, and ask them to help you get there.

If you’re struggling to get started, get inspired by this great site from Lezza Gibbons, Leeza’s Care Connection. There are some basic tips to “breathe, believe, and receive,” that may get your mind in the right place.

That’s it. Do it for you. And then send me a note about what you wanted to do, how you did it, and how you feel when you do.

Let’s celebrate YOU.

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